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We Are Approaching The Last Week Of Voting For The City of Monroe! The Next Week's Newspaper Edition of ASGE NEWS Walks You Through The Campaign Journey. Who Will Lead For The Next Four Years? VOTE!

With the final days of the election season upon us, the City of Monroe, Louisiana buzzes with anticipation. The ballot holds the key to the city's future, with voices across the community rallying to express their hopes, challenges, and expectations. The intensity of this democratic exercise mirrors the deep-seated commitment of Monroe's citizens to participatory governance. In local elections, the dialogue between candidates and constituents is more than just a series of rallies, debates, and advertisements—it's a reflection of the shared narrative that binds a community. It is in these moments, as the election clock winds down, that the city truly comes alive with the democratic spirit.

The Mayoral Candidates

Three mayoral candidates have emerged as the answer to the problem of this community. Each candidate has promised change and advancement for the City of Monroe, however some are wondering which of this will be true? Mayor Friday Ellis stands on the laurels of his term, seeking re-election with a focus on infrastructure development, business & social development and additional community policing initiatives. His track record, though not without its critics, imbues his campaign with a narrative of growth tempered by experience. We have seen major advancement in the last 3 1/2 years of this candidate's term, but will the history of his proven success be enough to place him back in for the next 4 years? This has been one of the most crucial elections I've seen in my lifetime.

Former Mayor Jamie Mayo, after serving 19 years as the mayor of Monroe, is back seeking another opportunity to lead the city. There are many who are questioning why he is coming back after 19 years, it's clear to prove to the people that he is better qualified to lead the city into its future. We have heard from this candidate his concerns about crime and the mistreatment of the southside of Monroe, which includes the SEED and Monroe Regional Black Chamber of Commerce. Each candidate has been appealing to constituents for support for and re-election. Has this former mayor painted a clear plan that's vital enough for the City of Monroe to trust his leadership again?

Betty Ward Cooper entered the race with a strong passion for education and crime resolve. From day one she has already pre-pledged $1,000,000 of the city's funds to help create programs that will reduce crime. Coming from a strong background in education, will this candidate convince the city that her experience as a school board member, librarian and activist is what's needed to be the next mayor of Monroe. Cooper, has vowed to position education and crime resolve as her top two missions.

We have promised to only bring you the truth. We are growing closer and closer to the hearts of the community we cover. Please our cry is to see our community go our and vote. Across the city, campaign winds are blowing through neighborhoods, volunteers canvass streets, and digital outposts flicker with the momentum of candidates vying for attention. The city of Monroe faces a critical moment in its history, a juncture where the seal of every citizen's choice imprints the destiny of the community.

We encourage you to vote this week and also encourage others to do so! In our next week's edition we will give you a walk through the election journey as we gear towards the end of one of the most interesting election's Northeast LA has seen!



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