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What Is I-Connect?

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Neomi Rhyne

I-Connect Is Your Hottest-New Global Physical and Digital Newspaper! I-Connect Features News From The Local Community To The International Voice Of The People! I-Connect Is Your Voice of Truth!

Welcome To The I-Connect Family! Here at I-Connect, it is our desire to bring you the latest and most relevant News Articles! We want our newspaper to serve as a Voice of Hope, Encouragement, and Information For All People! Our platform exists to bridge the gap between Race, Religion and Relationships, Poverty and Prosperity. We Are Here To Bring Back The Voice Of Unity!


With so much hatred attempting to divide our world, we decided to release this publication as a platform for The People! In our efforts, I-Connect promises to focus on the positives of the community while bringing awareness to our current struggles so that solutions can be heard from you the people. This is our time to "Let Our Voice Be Heard."

Meet The Team

Nina Woodard

Meet Our New Executive Director Of Public Relations, Ms. Colisha Woodard! Nina is a Monroe, LA native, a mother of two sons, a daughter, sister, aunt and friend to all. Nina serves as Public Relations Director for Andy Smith Global Enterprises. She is also the Founder of The Social Addict Apparel Brand. 

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Assoupi Simone

Meet Our New Social Media Coordinator. 

 Ms. Assoupi Simone! Ina is a Slidell, LA native, a thriving 29-year-old currently holds a degree in  with a Minor in Biological Science. A mother of two, Ina is currently preparing to pursue a career in Family Therapy.


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