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Mayor Friday Ellis & Local Leaders Join Congresswoman Julia Letlow For Intimate Community Roundtable

Words By: CEO, Andy Smith, Senior Editor In Chief, iConnect Newspaper

When businesses thrive, communities prosper, and Friday Ellis, Mayor of Monroe, Louisiana, along with Congresswoman Julia Letlow understand that. On June 28th, Mayor Ellis teamed up with Congresswoman Julia Letlow and other community leaders to discuss and tackle issues that matter to the Monroe community. The intimate meeting was designed to create an atmosphere of open communication and transparency that empowers economic growth and development in and throughout the region. In light of business development, Mayor Ellis and Congresswoman Letlow revealed their plans to continue pushing for economic development in the area. The event was quite an intimate gathering, and it brought together a diverse group of leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, city officials, and professionals from different sectors to brainstorm and discuss ways to foster economic development, promote culture, and create a more vibrant community.

The roundtable provided a unique opportunity for community leaders to share their ideas, perspectives and concerns with Congresswoman Letlow. The discussions centered around creating more jobs, reducing crime rates, improving infrastructure, and increasing access to quality healthcare and education. Mayor Ellis also emphasized the importance of creating opportunities for small businesses and startups to flourish, as they are crucial drivers of economic growth in the community. One of the key highlights of the event was the presence of several entrepreneurs and business leaders who shared some valuable insights and experiences with Congresswoman Letlow. They talked about the challenges they face while trying to establish and grow their businesses in these uncertain times, and also highlighted some of the opportunities that they see in the community's future.

While others like Dr. Ron Berry, President, (ULM) University of Louisiana At Monroe, (pictured below) graciously thanked Congresswoman Letlow for being an consistent advocate for higher education and fighting for the projects and fundings that is quickly bringing the university to national notoriety. Education and healthcare access were also important topics that were discussed at the event. Congresswoman Letlow shared her thoughts and ideas on crafting legislative agendas that are aimed at providing access to quality and affordable healthcare and education to everyone in the community.

Access to education is critical in helping the community's residents build better lives, and medical access that is affordable helps to maintain a sense of well being in the community.

The meeting was centered around the theme of economic development and how community leaders could work together to create more wealth for their residents. They discussed ways to attract more businesses and create more job opportunities for the locals. One of the key solutions proposed was to work more closely with the educational institutions in the city to ensure that the students are equipped with the right skills to meet the demands of the local job market.

Mayor Ellis spoke about his vision to create an ecosystem that would provide support for entrepreneurs and startups. He believes that the city is already a hotspot for creatives and is the perfect breeding ground for startup companies. He emphasized the need for the city to leverage its unique culture and history in creating an environment that is conducive to business growth.

The congresswoman was thrilled by the enthusiasm and energy displayed by the community leaders and entrepreneurs at the roundtable. She was impressed by the level of commitment to creating more opportunities for the residents of the city. She expressed her desire to work with the city in securing more federal funding for infrastructure development, which she believes would be crucial in attracting more businesses to the area.

The community leaders also talked about the importance of creating a cohesive plan for developments across the city. They discussed the need for all stakeholders to have a say in the future direction of the city, including city officials, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. They agreed that a collective approach would be more effective in ensuring that the city grows and develops in a sustainable manner.

The roundtable meeting was an important step in bringing community leaders and entrepreneurs together to discuss ways to improve the economic development of the city. Mayor Ellis and Congresswoman Letlow showed great leadership in facilitating the discussion and fostering a sense of togetherness among all stakeholders.

It is heartening to see that the city is poised for a new phase of growth and development, and I am excited to see the impact that the insights from the roundtable discussion will have on the future of the city. The invitation-only event was attended by a selected group of professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and city officials, making it an event of great significance.

Among the new faces in the group was Andy Smith, CEO and Senior Editor in Chief of iConnect Newspaper (pictured in green jacket) was the highlight of the picture because of the color coordination between him and Congressman Letlow! "As a growing business owner and upcoming publications mogul, it was literally life-changing to be in the room full of brilliant minds that have taken the charge to assist in leading our city to a brighter future." I have to be honest, it was an undeserved moment, but a life altering one. My personal thanks go to my dear friend Councilwoman Kema Dawson-Robinson for allowing me to sit in her absence. I learned a great deal about how the funding rivers flow and how to prepare for the increase of economic development. Thank you Councilwoman for believing in me and always bringing me to the table.

Councilwoman Kema Dawson-Robinson

We're excited to stand with Mayor Friday Ellis and The City of Monroe Administration as a voice of positivity in the publications arena. Meeting Congresswoman Julia Letlow was a moment I'll never forget. Her passion and tenacity for our Region bleeds through her speech and the excitement to see how our city is moving forward became very contagious. Words From Smith

In conclusion, the roundtable discussion with Mayor Friday Ellis and Congresswoman Julia Letlow was an exciting and informative event. It provided a platform for local entrepreneurs, creatives, and community leaders to come together and create a plan for economic development. The event was an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas and share feedback, and it set the stage for more opportunities for collaboration, networking, and advancement. As the city leaders continue to prioritize economic development and entrepreneurship, the future looks bright for the area. We are excited to see how this event will translate into actions that will benefit the community and create a more prosperous and innovative culture. The participants also discussed the importance of investing in infrastructure, education, and workforce development to make the city an attractive destination for businesses and talent. They touched on the significance of creating a robust talent pipeline that can meet the needs of companies looking to set up shop in Monroe.

Congresswoman Julia Letlow - Andy Smith

The roundtable with Congresswoman Julia Letlow was a pivotal moment for the city of Monroe, Louisiana. It demonstrated the remarkable collaboration taking place between Mayor Friday Ellis, community leaders, and the business community, all working together to create an inclusive and dynamic environment for economic development. This gathering showed the commitment and dedication of the leaders in Monroe to create a vibrant and prosperous future for their city. As CEO of iConnect Newspaper, I'm excited to see the progress and growth that will undoubtedly come from this remarkable gathering of leaders.

(Pictures Left To Right) Mr. Joe Holyfield - Andy Smith - Mayor Friday Ellis

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