Monroe Native Brittany Black Gains National Attention With 4 Chair Turn On The Voice...What's Next?

From a little girl it was evident that God had special plans for Monroe native, Brittany Black. Being raised under God-fearing parents Pastor Luther Black (Living Waters Outreach Church) and Lashonda Brown-Jordan. Watching her grow up in the church and sing from the pureness of her heart and sometimes from her pain, I understood that her song was much more than a gift but her life. I've know this family personally for many years and have had the opportunity to work with this young lady on numerous occasions where her gift consistently memorized the congregation on a regular basis.

A Raving Smile From Brittany As The Judges Give Their Insight To Her First National Performance!

I am a witnessed that what was instilled in her was to always keep God first. When I watched the episode of the song, my first question was... "I wonder how long it took her to learn the lyrics?" It's an insider that one thing that she inherited from her father and late-uncle Dewayne Black, was neither of them ever got lyrics right on no

I know he's in heaven cheering her own. The gift of signing has been passed down through her generation, but just like Brittany's uncle Dewayne, her gift is different and unique at the same time.

This opportunity has encouraged those with dreams to never give up on your dream and that God has a timing on when He does all things. NEVER GIVE UP!

The world had a chance to experience the life-changing gift from Brittany affectionally known as "Brittany Bree" and to the world's surprise, not knowing what to expect...Brittany landed a 4-chair turned from all 4 judges! Social Media shares and reviews begin to skyrocket as this young voice claimed her position on the National stage. Now, the ultimate question comes to the light...who would Bree choose as her Coach?

What a decision to be made! I would not have wanted to be in her shoes, but she did it! She chose Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Oscar Award winner, John Legend! Whew! Being able to work directly with such an accomplished artist has to be life-changing within itself.

The world is watching this competition as it unfolds and one this is for sure, the support from not only the world but Brittany's hometown is simply unbelievable! Literally people from across the world are cheering her own. One of the highlights of the show was Brittany's confession that she has been singing in the church all her life and this was her first time ever singing outside of the church. But I also believe that God has a very interesting way of doing things and this is an extreme honor that only God could do.

In addition to now being a global sensation, Brittany has another life that is even more fulfilling than singing and that's having the privilege of mothering two amazing daughters Brook & Bailey. What a joy this will be to know that one day when they grow up they'll be able to look back on this day on the day their mommy touched the world!

As the competition continues, there are watch parties be hosted across the world. We will be sure to keep you updated on the journey of this vocal sensation. We believe beautiful days are ahead for Brittany, and we are praying for her as well as cheering her own.

Words By: Andy Smith

CEO, I-Connect Newspaper


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